How to create your own Christmas decorating ideas – E-book

Christmas –
Dollar Store Style

Decorating Ideas and Tips by The Dollar Store Diva

Marlene Alexander


If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for under $10, then you’ve come to the right place

I’ve been creating and giving unique and personalized gift baskets for years and I’d like to show you how you, too, can create your own original and refreshingly unique gifts for between $5 and $10 using nothing but items found at dollar stores. Most of us love to get together with family and friends at Christmas and the giving and receiving of gifts but sometimes it’s a challenge trying to stretch the budget to do everything we really want to do. 

With that in mind,  I’m pleased to be able to offer you a brand new e-book loaded with Christmas decorating projects for anyone on a tight budget.  And, if you want to save money on home decor for the holidays as well, I can show you how to do that too, and for a fraction of the cost you’d spend in specialty shops or department stores.

You’ll discover how you can:

  • Set a festive Christmas table

  • Create low cost gifts that look elegant – but cost next to nothing to put together

  • Do your Christmas decorating – even on a very tight budget

  • Create custom party favors

  • plus MUCH more…

You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save by creating your own gorgeous original Christmas decorations. Even if you’re not really into crafts, you’ll find these projects easy and simple to do. These are crafts that anyone can enjoy making. Create beautiful home decor with holiday-themed items found at your local dollar store.  

Here are the details…

Christmas – Dollar Store Style E-book
How to Decorate, Entertain and Create Beautiful Gifts using ordinary items from the dollar store.
By Marlene Alexander


The purpose of this new e-book is to inspire with creative decorating ideas that anyone can afford.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside my e-book:

  • A variety of Christmas decorating and gift ideas from my  website, Dollar Store Style PLUS 18 brand new, never before published ideas for Christmas decorating and gift-giving.
  • Discover easy ways to impress friends and family by setting a warm, festive and fun Christmas table.
  • Create quality gifts with class – for a LOT less cash
  • Simple, easy to follow tips that will save you time and money
  • All new professional photos are included to help you  see the potential elegance of decor that can be achieved for very little money.
  • Many of the creations in this book make ideal gifts for Christmas giving. Skip the high-cost department stores. You’ll be surprised at how impressive these gifts look, knowing how little they cost you to create. 



Dear Marlene,

“We’re thrilled to have you blogging for us here at AOL.
You are to dollar stores what Donna Summers is to disco.”

Zak Bissonnette,Editor
AOL WalletPop


  • Here’s how to create original and unique gifts to give to your friends at Christmas

  • Here’s how to put the joy back into Christmas decorating.

You can start right now. Christmas – Dollar Store Style™ is instantly downloadable as a PDF digital e-book. It doesn’t matter what type of computer you have, you can have this advice in mere seconds any time of the day or night.


Hi Marlene,

I found you from The Dollar Stretcher and just wanted to say 
I really love your ideas.  You are brilliant! 



Here’s a peek into the Chapters:

Chapter 1 : Decorative Details

This chapter will get you thinking about how you can make entirely new creations out of ordinary dollar store items. I’ll show you how to easily create inexpensive but very impressive looking:

  • floral accents

  • snow globe effects 

  • Christmas tree decorations

  • Christmas wreaths

  • and other creative home decor for the holidays

Chapter 2 : Get Glowing

The warmth of candlelight at Christmas is something we all enjoy. In my book you’ll see a few examples.

  • Create your own Christmas holiday-themed treasures, without paying a fortune. 

  • Several lovely displays range from the more traditional to the unique. 

  • Get creative and get glowing.


Dear Marlene,

Your writing skills are impeccable, and you creative ideas on such an economical budget are absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for all your contributions.

Lisa Greer, Editor
Sensible Life Magazine


Chapter 3 : Table Talk

Check out these decorative ideas for creating attractive and colorful table centerpieces.

  • Large gold or silver table centerpiece with floral accents

  • Gold foil 10-inch Christmas tree table centerpiece

  • Create your own unique and inexpensive Christmas crackers

  • Make custom party favors

  • Christmas place settings

  • Many more tips 

Chapter 4 : How to create gifts with class – For a LOT less cash

Five more bonus Christmas projects for gifts that look elegant
but in fact, were created from items you can find at the dollar store.
Impress your friends and family without paying department store prices.

Chapter 5 : Reusable Wrappings

Lots of ideas for uniquely reusable gift wrappings, gift boxes and
highly creative and fun packages to give your gifts in. 

The new Christmas – Dollar Store Style™ e-book will inspire you with new ideas for creating your very own unique, holiday-themed decor on next to no budget at all. Download this brand new e-book today and start creating immediately.  

I‘ve made this e-book so simple that anyone can enjoy it and it’s very affordable at only $8.49.

60-day, stress-free guarantee!
There is no risk to you to download the Christmas – Dollar Store Style™ e-book right now.

Download and use it for 60 days to decide if it’s right for you. That means you don’t even need to think twice.  Just download the e-book right now and discover creative new ideas in the next 60 seconds.

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