Autumn Candle Ideas

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Autumn Candle Ideas

Autumn is a favorite time of year for many people because the temperatures become more moderate and for home décor enthusiasts, the urge to bring more warmth to their homes becomes evident. One good way to do that is with candles because you can make them over in so many creative ways. 

Here’s an easy idea involving three pillar candles and three decorative pushpins shaped like leaves.

(see odds and ends for push-pin decorating)

The candle plate is actually a rectangular serving dish I found at Dollarama. 

These hurricane-style vases lend themselves to a variety of ideas.

You will Need:

– Hurricane vases
– Decorative orange acrylic gems or mini river rocks
– Orange candles, 2 per package
– Green pillar candle
– Fabric oak leaves, package of 25

Whenever possible, take advantage of materials you already have on hand. The raffia tie that was used to secure the leaves to the vase was saved from a different box of candles. As it happens, it was just the right size to slip onto the vase. What could be easier?

Keep your eyes open for unusual things to put candles in. This pedestal dish becomes a bowl of “candled” fruit. If you care to burn these, just “pick” one, as needed.


  • Pedestal dish with stand
  • Fruit-shaped candles, package of two.

The candles were packaged with artificial leaves, which add a nice touch to our plate of fruit.

When it comes to decorating on a limited budget, improvisation is the name of the game and there’s no better place to start that at a dollar store. If you can’t find these exact containers or candles in your local dollar store, use these ideas as examples of what can be done with a few bucks and your own unique sense of Dollar Store Style.