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Holiday Candle Arrangements

You may have noticed that I love candles and I especially love Christmas candles. There’s just something about candlelight that adds so much to the holiday atmosphere.

It seems that every year I’m drawn to creating new candle arrangements. Here are this year’s offerings.


Tray Easy

For this candle tray, I used a round silver-coloured tray, two small wired evergreen ties, three snowflake
tea light holders, three large red bells and a snowman figurine.

I simply put everything on the tray into a pleasing arrangement with the wired boughs creating a border around the edge. The figurine helps to add height, but you could leave it off, if you prefer, and the red bells lend some colour and contrast to the white snowflake votive candles.

Festive Lantern

For this project, I’m using a flame-less pillar candle that I found at Dollar Tree and a metal lantern I had on hand. I lined the bottom of the lantern with some foil to help reflect light and hide some wear and tear.

I snipped two poinsettia flower heads off, leaving a couple of inches on the stems, tied them together with a bit of ribbon and hot glued them to the top of the lantern, so that the flowers are facing toward the front as you saw above.

I had some flocked pine boughs on hand that I bunched together and inserted into the top of the lantern. You won’t need any glue for this unless you want to hang the lantern outside.

Your finished festive lantern can be used inside or out to help spread a little Christmas cheer.

Centered on Christmas

This candle centerpiece is based on one I saw online. Ever up for a challenge, I figured I could make something similar using materials from the dollar store, namely:

  • Glass chimney vase (Dollar Tree carries these)
  • Narrow pillar candle
  • Long, narrow plate (mine’s 12-inches long by 4-inches wide)
  • One or two bunches of medium-sized poinsettias
  • Two faux pine boughs
  • Floral foam
  • Six pine cones

I’m often pleasantly surprised by the array of dishware you can find at a dollar store. I’ve had the piece I’m using here for some time now. You will also need a hot glue gun and some wire cutting pliers.

Cut the floral foam to fit the plate you’re using. In my case, I cut the foam so that it was one inch thick and four inches wide. Place the floral foam on the center of the plate.


Cut the pine boughs so that, when inserted into the ends of the floral foam, they hang about six or seven inches over the ends of the plate. I also cut a circle out of the middle of the foam to make a secure base for the vase to sit in. It doesn’t have to look pretty, as it will be completely covered when you’re finished.

With the vase and candle in place, begin gluing poinsettia heads into the foam around the base of the candle. I used three on either side of the candle to completely cover the floral foam.

To finish, I hot glued three small pinecones to each pine bough. This arrangement would be great as a dining room table centerpiece because it looks the same from either side. I was very please with the way it turned out.