Dollar Store Niceties to Personalize Your Dorm Room

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Dollar Store Niceties to Personalize Your Dorm Room

So, girl, you’re heading off to college or university this fall and you’ve collected all the necessities you’re going to need living away from home. You’ve got the sheets and pillows, towels and bathmat, a coffee maker, dishes and other kitchen necessities.

Now you want to add a few niceties to the mix so your dorm room feels more homey. Before you go running off to a home store, check out these items you can get for $4 or less at Dollarama.



This cozy throw is perfect for cuddling up in when you’re reading, are up late studying for exams or even just draped over the end of your bed. DMaison is Dollarama’s store brand and it tends to be just a little better quality than similar items they carry. This is a full-sized throw that comes in assorted colours. 



Hang some inspiring artwork to remind you of your goals. Command hooks are great for hanging things on walls you can’t hammer nails into. There are loads of pictures and wall hangings to choose from at dollar stores that won’t lay waste to your budget.



Put your favourite picture in this cute 4 by 6 inch frame that lights up. Don’t forget the batteries!



This two-way sequined frame lets you change out photos easily via clothespin clips and “write” short captions in the sequins. 

Speaking of sequins, check out Dollarama’s selection of sequined cushion covers. Recovering an old cushion is a lot cheaper than buying brand new cushions, as a rule. However, I have also seen some DMaison cushions at Dollarama, including some covered in faux fur,

In my opinion, these cushions rival any I’ve seen in other department stores and for at least half the price!  



Add some fun to your room with a light-up unicorn or cloud. These are for the wall, but I also saw some free-standing light-up unicorns at Dollarama that would work if you’ve got some free space on a desk or shelf.

Again, batteries are not included, but you can find brand named ones at Dollarama, too.


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