Dollar Store Style – The Blog

Dollar Store Style – The Blog

Welcome to Dollar Store Style – The Blog! I’m Marlene Alexander. I live in Ontario, Canada with a feisty tortoiseshell cat named Aggie and a house-full of great dollar store finds! I’ve been writing about dollar stores for over 13 years and am constantly amazed by the things you can find for $4 or less!

These companion pages to Dollar Store Style, the website, will be dedicated to great finds and my personal favourites from the dollar store to help you save money and live well! 

Ten Great Stocking Stuffers from the Dollar Store

Wait…what? There’s only how many days left til Christmas?! If you’re like me, the main event always seems to sneak up on you before you’re quite ready. Stocking stuffers are last minute items you may be panicking about, but don’t worry, dollar stores have you covered. Kids are easy. A few small toys and games and some candy and you’re good. It’s the adult family members that have us racking our brains for ideas.

Here, then, are ten great stocking stuffers from the dollar store for the adult family members on your list.

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Ten Kitchen Necessities to Stock Up On Before Christmas

With the busy holiday season upon us, we may all be going through more foil wrap and storage bags than normal, what with Christmas baking, hosting and gifting. 

In the past, products like these from a dollar store weren’t of a very good quality. These days, you can get necessities like plastic wrap and aluminum foil at Dollarama that are of a much better quality, as well as cheaper than other stores.

I don’t buy the following kitchen necessities anywhere but Dollarama. Here are my faves:

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My Ten Favourite Decor Items from the Dollar Store



For many people, myself included, shopping at stores like Pier One for decorative items just isn’t an option. But, over the years, I’ve discovered you can often score useful or decorative items at a dollar store. It’s more possible than you might first imagine.

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Dollar Store Niceties to Personalize Your Dorm Room

So, girl, you’re heading off to college or university this fall and you’ve collected all the necessities you’re going to need living away from home. You’ve got the sheets and pillows, towels and bathmat, a coffee maker, dishes and other kitchen necessities.

Now you want to add a few niceties to the mix so your dorm room feels more homey. Before you go running off to a home store, check out these items you can get for $4 or less at Dollarama. Read More…..





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  1. RarogAdaman says:

    It s amazing what you can find at the dollar store and you really hit on something finding these pillowcases! Your throw pillows turned out fabulously just perfect for fall!

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