Fall decorating

Autumn and Thanksgiving

Beauty and the Bargain

Decorating for Fall

When the nights turn cooler and leaves start thinking about what color to wear for their annual show, we start thinking about cozying up our indoor spaces with an eye to a fall palette. Whether you are using all natural finds, man-made materials or even a blending of the two, you can’t go too far wrong when using earthy elements like pinecones and leaves.

Pinecones are always visually appealing objects to bring indoors. Try them in different containers, accented with fabric leaves. We laid this thin rectangular vase on its side to line the back of it with the leaves before putting the pinecones in. There’s always a good selection of vases to choose from at Dollarama. Fabric leaves come in packages of about 20 leaves in different sizes.

This harvest centerpiece was created with a rectangular handled basket, two autumn candle rings
used as a base, an autumn pick and some fanciful dollar store gourds.

Four dollars and an assist from Mother Nature produced this display. This vase and three berry-laden “twigs” are all from Dollarama, but it all began with two small fallen branches that took our fancy. Style can be arbitrary so play around with your finds until you’ve created a thing of beauty in your own eyes.