Organizing a small front closet

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Organizing a Small Front Closet

Many of us try to cram too many belongings into too little space. If you’re one of a growing number of people who are weeding out, giving away, selling off and otherwise de-cluttering, rock on! But, unless you’ve taken a vow of poverty, you’ll want to keep a good many of your possessions and if you’re looking for ways to organize and store them, the dollar store can help.

Here are a couple of ways that I used organize a small front closet.



Why not keep all things related to footwear readily available and close to where they will be needed the most? We sorted through drawers for usable shoelaces and those handy shoe shiners and gathered the shoe polishes from kitchen cupboards and the laundry room then put them all together in this plastic caddy along with the spray protectors.

Then we put it on the shelf in the front closet. Now everything related to the care of shoes is all in one place. No more hunting through the junk drawer for shoelaces!

If you use bins on you closet shelf, label them using pictures. For instance, if you have dog gear in one bin, you can always find stickers with a dog theme at a dollar store. 

If you can draw or have a talented relative in your family, put a hand-drawn picture on the label. In my case, my son Curtis helped me label the bin with extra hats and gloves in it and made another label that designates all things related to shoes, such as laces, polishes and spray protectors. 

Again, keeping such things all in one place makes them easy to find when you need them.



Here’s an idea to help make more space in a small front closet. Use plastic-coated screw-in hooks around the inside to hold tote bags, caps and umbrellas. Here, we’ve used two hooks in the back and one on each side of the closet wall, in front of the rod. These hooks came in a package of six. This suggestion might work for you in other closets, as well.

Need more hangers? Whether your preference is for wire, thick plastic or wooden, dollar stores have got ’em. The thin wire ones are plastic coated and come in a set of six in different colors. The thick plastic or wooden hangers are usually sold in a package of two. 


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