4 Personal Grooming Products We Could Probably Live Without

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4 Personal Grooming Products We Could Probably Live Without

With so many personal care items on the market, it can be hard to determine what we really need and what we could leave on the drug store shelves. Let’s face it, advertisers are all about selling their clients’ wares and they know how to make us believe that we simply can’t live without the latest and greatest or the new and improved. As consumers, I think we’re particularly drawn to what’s new.

The truth is, much of what we find on store shelves isn’t necessary in order to look our best. Let’s look at 4 personal grooming products we could probably live without and save that money for more important things.

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Facial Cleansing Wipes

Pre moistened facial cleansing wipes and so convenient. However, I’ve never been a fan of something you use only once and then throw away. That’s bad for your wallet, not to mention the environment. Whatever benefits you get from a cleansing wipe can be accomplished with your favourite face wash and a soft wash cloth. 

A set of two large and 3 small makeup remover cloths found at Dollarama.


Or you can invest in makeup removal towels that uses no soap at all! These cloths are particularly good for people with sensitive skin. My daughter and daughter-in-law both have sensitive skin. All three of us have  been using makeup removal towels for months and they work great. After each use, I wash mine out under the tap and hang it to dry, as you would a washcloth. 

Check out this four-pack of make-up removal towels on Amazon.

Shaving Cream for Women

Why purchase a product thats only purpose is to aid in shaving your legs? Most of the body washes I’ve used produce lots of luxurious suds that make shaving my legs easy and nick-free. Body washes these days contain moisturizers that leave your skin feeling softened, too. And I save time in the shower by not having to apply a separate product.

The Latest Razor on the Market

Razor from Dollarama including 5 blades for $5.


This goes for both men and women. You may get a slightly better shave with the newest razor on the market and the razor itself may not be unreasonably priced, but the blades for that razor always seem to cost more than the ones that came before it.

If you’ve got a razor that’s working well for you, resist advertisers’ suggestions to buy a new one.

Gender-Specific Body Washes

Zest body wash from $2 a bottle.


What’s the difference between Zest body wash and Nivea Men body wash? I’m guessing it’s mainly the price. In the end, you’re not going to get any cleaner by paying a premium price for a brand made specifically for a man or a body wash geared mostly toward women.

Consider Your Needs

If you reconsider what it is you really need for personal care, as opposed to what advertisers say you need, you can cut your spending for these items significantly.


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