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Hi and welcome! I'm Marlene and I love to combine my two passions, home decor and dollar store shopping, to make inexpensive accents and improvements for my home. Please join me! 

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Find of the Week:

Peerless is a well-known name in bathroom fixtures, so when I saw this showerhead for four bucks at Dollarama, I knew I had to share the find. It has three spray/massage settings and, according to the package, you don't need any tools to install it. Bonus!

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Quick Tip


Some dollar store tea towels are smaller than the tea towels you'll find in other department stores, but they can make great substitutes for more expensive cloth napkins. I folded this one in threes so that the embroidered message is front and center. 

(See how to make the sleigh ornament here.)

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November Features: 

An abundance of natural elements to use in decorating makes fall one of my favourite seasons. But, even if you don't live in an area where you can easily gather pinecones, acorns and fallen leaves, you can still make the most of this wonderful season using decorative pieces from the dollar store.

Here are two ideas cobbled together from my stash of fall items gathered over time from the dollar store.

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If youíve been a long-time reader of Dollar Store Style, you know that I love simple! At Christmastime quick and easy is the only way to go. Weíve all got enough to do without stressing over crafts that take a sleigh-load of materials and instructions to make. At least, that's my excuse!

Anyhow, hereís my take on holiday decorating made easy. As you will see, Iím into traditional colours, but donít let that stop you from using your own favourite colours.

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Most of us love getting together with family and friends and the giving and receiving of gifts but hate trying to figure out how to stretch the budget to do everything we want to do. With that in mind, letís create a simple but elegant table setting and a party favor. For our purposes, Iíve chosen a traditional color scheme of red, white and green but of course, you can use whatever coordinating colors you like. 

Read Making Merry for Less for the full article.

















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